Jon Epstein has been a performing musician since 1985. He is the founding member of Haymarket Riot, Last Stone Cast , and Fast Chester. He has shared the stage with notable musicians including Kings X, The Darkness, Steve Rothery, PRONG, Yngwie Malmsteen and more.

Epstein is currently in the studio recording a new cd with Haymarket Riot. 

Most recently Epstein appeared on the critically acclaimed Healing Blues cd with his band Haymarket Riot.

Greensboro College’s Healing Blues Project partners musicians with homeless storytellers to raise awareness of the issues faced by individuals experiencing homelessness. All homeless storytellers received royalties and an honorarium for their participation, and all musicians contributed their talents free of charge. All Proceeds from the Healing Blues Volume 1 benefit Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center. To date the project has raised over $10,000 for the IRC. For more information visit:

March 2016- Haymarket Riot has just finished recording "Fire and Water" and "Mississippi Queen" to be release as a single and teaser of more to come.

Haymarket Riot is Jon Epstein on bass, Charlotte Whitted - vocals, Jim O'Gara -guitar, Phil Holder on drums with guest vocalist Charles D. Johnson (TK421, Najee)

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January, 2017- Epstein joins Phil Holder and Blind Dog Gatewood to for BD3

April, 2017- Haymarket sees chart topping placement for their latest projects "Eyes on the Prize", "Bad Penny" , 'Tom and Jackie" , "Rush Hour", and "Lunatic Fringe".