A book originally edited in 1994 by Jonathon Epstein, visiting associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at Greensboro College, is being reissued by Routledge, a U.K. publishing house.

The new edition of “Adolescents and Their Music: If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old,” will appear in the summer of 2016. The book will be part of a series by Routledge, “Routledge Library Editions: Popular Music,” aimed primarily at the international university library market.

The book initially will be available as a hardback and in an e-edition. It later will be issued as a paperback as well, probably about 18 months after the hardback edition.

The book’s essays cover a variety of topics in sociology related to music and youth culture, from youth politics to deviance and social typing.

When it originally was published, American Music magazine called it a “ground-breaking work in arenas musicologists have been reluctant to enter.”

Reviewer Robert G. Weiner wrote in 1995, "Libraries with strong sociology, music, or popular culture collections will find this volume a welcome addition. This text will, no doubt, be referred to again and again as popular music continues to be a source of study in academia."

Forthcoming:  Of Pyramids and Paradigms: Critical Studies on Ancient Civilization and the  Sociology of Knowledge.  Coauthored with Robert Schoch. Proposal in Review  

Forthcoming:  Middle Class Identity and Value Expression in Rock Music: a Sociological Case  Study of the Marillion Subculture. Edwin Mellen Press. Lewiston, New York.